Digital Leadership Programs.

An excellence training for senior executives, Institut Multi-Médias offers a France/United States program dedicated to creation and innovation in the field of media and telecoms.

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Why IMM?

The digital transformation deeply affects the creation, production and broadcasting industries. It sets new thought models, redefines the borders and conquers new territories.

Today, the digital technologies lead companies to put social media at the core of their thinking process and force them to create new economic models with a perspective of globalized media. Therefore a cultural immersion in an ever-evolving environment, whether in France or in the United States, in contact with the most renowned and promising professionals is of an utmost importance.

The Multi-Media Seminar explores and decrypts this new world to better encompass and assimilate it with the aim of establishing relevant and innovative strategies.

Management Team

Franck Papazian

Franck Papazian

A born builder and a trained strategist, he did not wait to be 40 before creating his own group, revolving around training and education professions. In 2002, he buys 2 schools in Paris. 14 years later, he is at the head of a higher education group with over 5000 students. He also takes part in the public debate on the issues of education and employment.

Rosa Luna-Palma

Rosa Luna-Palma

An expert in creation, engineering and commercialization of projects for senior executives and a media innovation and entrepreneurship enthusiast; she creates and leads in particular the FabFest at Gaîté lyrique. She joins Franck Papazian in May 2013 as Managing Director of IMM.

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IMM in a few figures

  • 100
  • 19
    days in Paris
  • + 20
    meetings with companies
    in the US
  • 1200


  • Joining IMM was a very rewarding experience. It was an occasion for debating and taking part in reflections with various personalities over the all the problematics within the current media world, from content creation to its distribution or regulations.

    Magali SOULIER Class 2014
  • I joined IMM to better grasp the impact of digital technologies on our activity and our environment. I have not only found answers and relevant questioning thanks to a 360° approach but also and above all met sincere and profound companions. The exchange of experience and analysis has also been extremely enriching. The journey to the United States is certainly the pinnacle of the Seminar as it allows opening our eyes to the reality of the digital upheaval."Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away." Philip K. Dick

    Luc-Antoine CHARIAL Class 2015
  • IMM was born through the dedication of Hélène Monnet, as a remarkable space of prospects, meaningful encounters and exchanges. Following the impulse by Rosa Luna-Palma, it acquires the agility, density and fertility required by the current economic and creative environments. Then and now, IMM allows its participants seizing phenomenal opportunities enabled by new digital worlds.

    Nicolas GAUME Speaker 2015
  • First and foremost it is an open window on the professions of the media and audiovisual sector in a context where digitalization and globalization are overturning legal, economic and artistic balance of the field. A demanding but very stimulating training, exchanges taking place both with high level speakers and between participants.

    Marie SELLIER Class 2009
  • The IMM was truly an enlightening experience; intellectually as much as personally, creating unforgettable life memories.

    Anna MARSH Class 2015
  • IMM is the occasion to have an often open and direct exchange with promising professionals within the media sector, a refreshing occasion to challenge our approaches and beliefs!

    Christian BOMBRUN Speaker 2015
  • IMM allowed me meeting Michael Bloomberg in New York, which triggered my desire to become an entrepreneur with the vision to create the Bloomberg of entertainment, a wish that was realized with our buyout by Publicis last year! As IMM gave me a lot, I can only recommend it.

    Jérome DONCIEUX Class 2000
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